Tonka Beans whole - order now

Tonka Beans whole - order now

Healing powers are attributed to the aromatic tonka bean. Order now and refine desserts.
The Tonka bean, also known as Mexican vanilla is used grinded like nutmeg. It’s caramel aroma refines ice cream, rice pudding, biscuits and cake. The indigenous peoples of South America credit the bean with magic and healing powers. When worn as an amulet, this bean is used as a protection against diseases and to fulfill wishes. Carried in the wallet, it provides prosperity and success. Until the mid-forties of the last century, the bean was used as an official currency in Venezuela.

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Notre absolue de Fève de Tonka (Dipteryx odorata will) est 100% naturelle. Elle est obtenue par extraction par solvant des fèves. L'absolue de Fève de

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Coumarin is the usual method of adding tonka bean nuances to a perfume today, but nothing beats the full complexity of the natural bean. Cold

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